Welcome to Great Rivers Fellowship

Great Rivers Fellowship is a new region of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship that connects individuals, churches and partners across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and beyond for collaborative mission and ministry.

GRF will work across the region to:

  • Promote congregational collaborations through relationship-building and shared learning
  • Engage Young Baptists in ministry
  • Combat rural poverty through CBF’s Together for Hope rural development coalition
  • Support racial justice initiatives

The Great Rivers Fellowship is a regional organization of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. To learn more about CBF, go to cbf.net .

An Invitation to Baptists Christians

Are you searching for a more faithful way to be Baptist and join Christ’s mission in your community and around the world?

Do you want your church to be part of a larger community that celebrates the centrality of local congregations in the mission of Jesus?

Do you feel drawn to a denominational community that invites congregations toward thriving, equips leaders toward faithfulness and participates in God’s transformation of the world?

Are you open to the possibility that the Risen Jesus calls you to be in relationship with people who love Him and are committed to His life but who see some things differently than you do?

If so, it is possible that the Holy Spirit is inviting you to be part of the growing community of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.